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We’ve helped labs achieve:

  • ~ 2 million COVID-19 RT-PCR tests in 6 months
  • Deploy healthcare and lab services in remote locations
  • Achieve Zero CAPEX spend for systems
  • > 10x increase in operational efficiencies
  • +99.99% accuracy
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Hi, we are
  • Providing the world’s first DIY end-to-end lab software.

  • Bridging the gap between labs, hospitals, and other healthcare stakeholders.

  • Empowering labs through data for quality healthcare.

We make
DIY all in one
lab software

We give diagnostic labs the power and convenience to register, manage, and test—all on one easy and integrated platform! We automate the key steps in the diagnostics process from collecting data, processing samples, and releasing clinical test results.

We bring
digital records

At, we believe that paperless is the first step into the future. Digital records gives both lab professionals and patients the advantage to access their data with just a few taps—anytime, anywhere, on any device.

We equip labs with quality diagnostics

We also believe that quality diagnostics is the foundation to a strong healthcare system. As such, we equip labs with an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy integrated system with no heavy upfront costs.

Great lab software benefits everyone


Say goodbye to manually checking emails, messages, and paper forms. With, everything is integrated in a single platform, and lab work can experience a quantum leap in ease and speed with the Smart Recommender Agent.

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If your lab uses, you can track your test results in real time. You'll know exactly when to expect to get the results and your test certificate—all online! No need for paper, and most especially no need to travel or commute!

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Our Clients module helps you coordinate with labs! With it, your HR can send eCIF to employees and also monitor registered patients. Tracking your company’s patients is also made easier with’s user-friendly-tools. helps you keep in check every detail and ensures your lab and data are secure.

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What our clients say about us

Who would have thought that a lab atop a mountain could be automated and digitized?

— Jo Cabato
    Lab Owner, Northcross Laboratories

We are extremely happy with the results and improvements that has provided and is continuing to provide.

— Paulyn Jean Ubial. MD, MPH
    Former Secretary of Health Republic of the Philippines is able to help with encoding and tracking of patients. As head doctor, I like that the system is easily accessible and that I could check up on patients through my phone where the data is synced instead of having to call or visit the facility.

— Ann Rodrigues. MD, DIBLM, DPCLM
    Head Doctor, HOPE 8 COVID-19 Isolation Facility

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