Dashlabs.ai Core Platform

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Here are some of our distinctive features as a platform.

Unified Command Center

Manage a network of labs in a single interface through a seamless online system that digitizes processes and creates an automated flow built to provide convenience for you, your team, and your patients.

Electronic Health / Medical Record

Build and access your virtual file cabinet in a snap. Manage records and secure critical data to keep your lab organized and systematic any time of the day.

Custom Test Settings

Tailor fit test settings to your needs across laboratories. Apply customizations to the standardized tests under Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, and Clinical Microscopy.

Custom Bundles

Create your own test bundle deals and customize each to fit your patients needs. Plus, they only need to register once — no more multiple forms!

Site Operations Module

Go paperless and digitally conduct annual physical exams (APEs) and DOH compliant vaccination flows.

Machine Integration

Automatically upload results from your machine to Dashlabs.ai with just a touch of a button or none at all! You can have your lab machines directly communicate with your Lab Information Software (LIS).

Clients Module

Manage corporate clients and help them keep track of their patients with Dashlabs.ai’s user-friendly tools. Control and regulate every detail and ensure your lab and data is secure.

Document Generator

Generate certificates on the spot or automatically send test results to your patients with just one tap.

Analytics and Reports

Generate reports to optimize your laboratory — from the overall lab performance to the detailed breakdown of your patient’s test results — all in one glance!

Online Shop

Allow your patients to book, schedule, and pay for services online instantly!



Clinical Chemistry
Hematology Analyzer
Clinical Microscopy
Php 5 per test


Php 15 per test

Diagnostic Imaging

CT Scan
Php 10 per test


Annual Physical Exam
Other Health Services
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