Beyond Testing: Delivering Healthcare at Home

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Beyond Testing is a growing laboratory and diagnostic center in the Philippines specializing in Point-of-Care (POC) laboratory services. With, Beyond Testing was able to automate resource-demanding processes, increase its patient intake, and effectively manage its administrative operations. All these helped Beyond Testing conduct over a hundred POC testing on average per month.

When travel restrictions and social distancing protocols were imposed to curb the spread of COVID-19, a myriad of problems ensued. Commuting became nearly impossible; thousands of workers were laid off, and tourism, retail, and  leisure were put on  indefinite hold. 

Furthermore, thousands of patients who needed medical attention avoided going to hospitals and healthcare facilities due to the fear of getting infected.

This fear that affects the use of healthcare services is what Beyond Testing wanted to address. The diagnostic clinic noticed that people even avoided going to clinical laboratories despite knowing how critical it is to detect health problems or, for some, monitor existing conditions. 

"We knew that our business model must be able to provide our clients with laboratory services and treatments while still limiting physical contact,” said Dr. Krischelle Halili, founder of Beyond Testing.

Multiple studies, along with guidelines from the WHO, have already highlighted the risks of manual data capture and transfer in laboratory processes, including erroneous entries, delayed lab tests, and unreliable test results. 

Beyond Testing hoped to digitize the patient registration process and simplify data collection. A centralized platform where all data is stored and accessed would accelerate many of their internal processes and improve patient experience and satisfaction.

As industry standards and consumer expectations evolved, Beyond Testing saw the need to adopt emerging technologies, such as paperless registration, real-time tracking, seamless communication, and more. They also wanted  their field staff to be well informed and adequately prepared to adhere to the highest standards of protection.

More importantly, all of Beyond Testing's patients were categorized as home-service patients, and the majority reached out through various social media channels. 

Beyond Testing sought a company willing to understand and listen to all their needs, and give them the freedom to custom-fit their laboratory software to their unique processes.

Dr. Halili participated in a demo with and found the solution she needed. 

"I knew then that is exactly what we were looking for to automate our records and patients' results," she said.


After Beyond Testing started working with, patient digital forms, booking, and deployment of doctors, nurses, and medical technicians were quickly set up.

" has helped us since Day one (1) and empowered us even more in our operations. They allowed us to maximize our time, especially when we have tight schedules and distant locations," Dr. Halili added.

Beyond Testing's management addressed implementation issues, such as setting up new users and time stamps with’s 24/7 customer support. 

The system allowed Beyond Testing to perform lab tests on-site, as well as release and verify results immediately, giving it an edge over its competitors. Its clients were able to secure travel permits and other COVID-19 health clearances in a short period. 

Beyond Testing’s employees were no longer burdened by administrative and clerical tasks, hence an increase in their productivity. They were also able to easily access patient information and create schedules for both patients and personnel with just a few clicks. 

“We are able to send our staff ahead while our patients are filling out the form from their mobile phones. This way, our staff can go straight to testing and upload the result immediately. (This process) builds more confidence among our patients, ” said the Beyond Testing founder.


By partnering with to digitize and automate their processes, Beyond Testing effectively navigated the challenges of starting a laboratory enterprise in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, Beyond Testing has conducted and performed 746 POC tests from February to August this year.

As the demand for home-based laboratory services and healthcare grows, Beyond Testing is now fully equipped to meet current and future demands without worry.

“We look forward to continuing working and growing with, as partners in building a responsive and efficient clinical laboratory and diagnostic network throughout the country,” said Dr. Halili.

At present, other laboratories and healthcare facilities see Beyond Testing as a model for effective home-based testing, consultations, and COVID-19 treatment.  

Other benefits and capabilities that offer:

  1. Superior agility and scalability. Add new features and increase capacities or scale down whenever the need arises.
  2. Seamless integrations with other platforms. Interoperability with other systems allows for seamless integration. For example, has a direct API integration with the government for reporting COVID-19 cases.

Single Version of Truth. A centralized, fully integrated platform for effortless data management, real-time insights, and analytics.

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