Why Investing in a Laboratory Software is Essential in a Post-Covid World

3 September 2021

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Adapt or perish. These are the only options given to industries around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic enveloped the world in 2020. While many brick and mortar establishments chose to perish and shutter their businesses, some embraced technology and were able to survive and thrive.

This is evident today as the world approaches recovery, with the ongoing vaccinations and reopening of establishments with an increased digital presence.

Similarly, clinical laboratories have also been adopting digital technology to help them overcome many COVID-19-related challenges such as data collection and management, as well as bridging gaps in communication and coordination.

These challenges brought about by COVID-19 also benefited the clinical laboratories sector, as it pushed its market value to USD214.9 billion in 2021, and it is projected to reach USD288.7 billion by 2028 according to Grandview Research.

This along with the steady demand to improve lab tests is the go signal for small and medium-sized laboratories to expand and upgrade their businesses.

Expanding will allow them to cater to the new emerging markets created by COVID-19. These include  patients in need of point-of-care testing, people located in remote regions or are unable to travel to bigger labs, and people who simply can’t afford the rates of bigger labs or in-hospital labs.


And while the cost of upgrading has been a deterrent for labs in the past decade, upgrading your laboratory software now with Dashlabs.ai has no expensive upfront costs. In fact, it will even help you save time and money, as well as improve the overall quality of your services in the long-run.


Automating your lab will help in addressing staff shortages while enabling precious resources to focus on high value, clinical tasks.

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In fact, according to DocuSign, adopting a mobile-first approach for patient registration, scheduling, and updates  can reduce labor expenses by 35 percent, lower time spent on patient registration by 95 percent, and increase revenue by 20 percent.

Moreover, the convenience of DIY laboratory softwares like Dashlabs.ai will allow your lab to digitally connect with other healthcare facilities and professionals, share patient data, convey test results, and request samples. This will ultimately improve client experience and build their trust in your business.


With COVID-19, the role of technology in adhering to the now evolving standards of the laboratory and diagnostics industry has become more pronounced.

According to the Lab Manager, Instantaneous data collection, robust recordkeeping, real-time tracking, as well as internal and external communication and collaboration, are now the standards of a more demanding clinical laboratory market.

This is why adopting and implementing a laboratory software, such as Dashlabs.ai, not only streamlines lab testing and guarantees the accuracy of test results, it also ensures that testing protocols have been met and proper documentation has been performed (LabWare).


Today, even as COVID-19 cases have started to drop, the critical role of small and medium clinical laboratories in the healthcare landscape remains as new consumer markets emerge.

Dashlabs.ai can transform your lab by automating and streamlining time and resource-intensive processes and tasks. New markets can have frictionless access to laboratory services while being able to connect to a vast network of labs, hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers for effective communication, productive collaboration, and better outcomes for everyone.

Team up with us now and take your lab to the future!

Written by Misfits for Dashlabs.ai. Copyedited by Marianne Dee.

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