What’s Next After COVID-19?

5 May 2022

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For the past two years, the uncertainties that have been brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have brought to light the flaws of the current healthcare system. With wave after wave of new infections, this placed tremendous pressure on the already depleted manpower in hospitals, leading to patients being unable to receive the utmost care from medical professionals.

As a result, there have been recent calls for new and innovative solutions to be able to manage subsequent health crises in the near future. Seeing that these shifting practices are already taking place in the industry, this has led to the rise of innovative lab and healthcare technologies, which have the potential of improving the current healthcare system for doctors and patients alike.

Expenditures in the Healthcare Field

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With the healthcare industry seen to become more complex and sophisticated in the near future, the demand for these new innovations is extremely high, especially in the Asia-Pacific regions. According to the APAC Life Sciences Center of Excellence, the region has become the new life sciences frontier with the pharmaceutical, healthtech, and medical devices market currently being seen as possible markets for expansion.

Spending momentum in these fields has shown considerable growth, showing that the demand for new laboratory and healthcare changes is extremely high. With an aging population and the rise in disease burdens, it is no surprise to see the growth in healthcare expenditures that is being seen in the area, with projections plotting a seven-percent (7%) annual increase, growing to roughly USD 2.4 billion this calendar year.

Current Shift of Laboratory and Healthcare Technologies During COVID-19

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With the financial projections in the Asia-Pacific region, the rise in other innovative technologies are set to take-off, potentially impacting the healthcare industry as well. For instance, the rise of other integrated systems such as the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to better advancements in data collection and analysis. 

Just as lab testing has become a key role in diagnosing, identifying, and characterizing diseases, advances in this aspect of healthcare may lead to speeding up the process of various body tests and screenings, without compromising the quality of results.

Moreover, with the reliance of an online platform in scheduling, obtaining, and interpreting results of certain tests, labs and hospitals have less of a logistical worry, allowing for better quality care for patients. In addition to this, the introduction to tracking-enabling systems for sample processing and quality-control checking have been set to be introduced in hospitals, automating the current system with little supervision from scientists and doctors.

Examples of These Changes in the Industry in the Future

Additionally, other new and potentially revolutionary ideas other than artificial intelligence could reshape the healthcare system for the future generation. For example, the introduction of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D-printing, robotics or nanotechnology in helping out hospitals, labs, and doctors could create and mold higher-quality professionals in the field.

In other cases, technologies such as Mobile Health (mHealth) and wearable devices allow for the basic vital signs to be tracked through a smartphone, allowing patients to be able to properly and accurately keep track of their state of health, as well as increasing disease prevention. Furthermore, new systems have allowed for the real-time data to be transferred remotely to medical professionals, allowing them to see potential illnesses in a patient, without the need for any physical interaction.

The Role of Dashlabs.ai

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