How helped the Philippine Red Cross achieve 1.2 million COVID-19 tests in less than 5 months

12 January 2021

2 min read

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about numerous challenges in our society. It has shown us the areas that have long been needing improvement and preparation. As one nation, we are tasked to come up with creative and innovative solutions to the challenges we face. is a proud partner in making that change. Using the latest technology, we’ve partnered with the Philippine Red Cross and the national government to give the Filipino people efficient, transparent, and unparalleled service. uses an end-to-end platform, empowering labs by improving patient registration, releasing results, and everything else in-between. The digital nature of the entire system allows for less contact and faster service for patients and lab technicians.

Our team, with the support of various government agencies, was able to introduce and institutionalize the use of electronic Case Investigation Forms (e-CIF). Since its launch, the e-CIF has streamlined communication between the government and testing centers all across the Philippines to create real-time data on active cases.

One of our biggest partners has been the Philippine Red Cross (PRC). Dashlab’s founding team provided the PRC with a complete digital transformation of their COVID-19 response and operations. This reduced the number of infections, enabled a significant increase in daily output from 3,000 to 15,000 per day, reduced frontline MedTech effort from 200 to 10, and enabled Pathologists to optimize their workflow, and do their work from 45 mins per batch to under 5 minutes.

With more labs on-boarding with Dashlabs each day these stories of success have just begun. Together with more partners we can touch the lives of more Filipinos, and improve the standard of our healthcare system today.

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