Going Full-Blown Digital: A Hassle-free Healthcare in the New Normal

29 October 2021

2 min read

Kairos Diagnostic Laboratory is one of the laboratories accredited by the  Department of Health to provide RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests for COVID-19. Through Dashlabs.ai’s end-to-end lab software, the laboratory began automating and digitizing its entire system to improve the efficiency, and speed of its resource-intensive processes, and customer support services. These enhancements enabled Kairos to release quality test results online over a 24-36 hour time period. 

The unprecedented global pandemic has caused dramatic shifts in almost every aspect of life. The mandatory wearing of face masks and social distancing, the ubiquity of hand sanitizers, and the rise of contact tracing apps embody the so-called ‘new normal’. 

To a greater degree, huge challenges brought by the crisis stretched the already-strained public health systems.

One silver lining brought by the pandemic, however, is the fast rise of digitization. One of the laboratories in the country that embraced this digital transformation in the time of new normal is Kairos Diagnostic Laboratory.

Kairos, which houses US Board-certified molecular pathologists, guarantees to provide fast, accurate, and safe testing procedures in all its RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen tests.

The lab wanted to hit the ground running with a well-established  digital platform. Inspired by the Philippine Red Cross (PRC)’s COVID-19 Laboratory Information System, Kairos sought out the founders of Dashlab.ai, who were instrumental in the digitization of the patient collection form and building the groundwork for PRC’s laboratory information system.

Improved efficiency and speed

With Dashlabs.ai, Kairos addressed several obstacles that the healthcare sector is facing because of the pandemic. 

“Overall, Dashlabs.ai's impact on Kairos is very positive. Dashlabs.ai automated, and digitized our entire system,” Dr. David Catapia, owner of Kairos, said. “The digitization brought efficiency and speed to our processes, not to mention keeping our overall resource consumption low,” Catapia said.

At present, Kairos assists 16 different hospitals in their COVID tests and offers home testing services to customers residing  in Metro Manila. Customers have the choice of going to the testing location, or getting their test done in the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Digitization and automation equipped Kairos Diagnostic Laboratory to deliver quick, and quality RT-PCR, and Rapid Antigen results to clients, without the hassle of long lines, wait times, and slow results. 


The customer gets the schedule of their test within 24 hours. Prior to the test date, a customer can already fill out the necessary forms online. 

On the day of testing, the customer only needs to show a valid ID along with their voucher QR code to get validated by Kairos’ personnel.

For home testing, meanwhile Kairos emails its customer the testing form to be filled out before the testing date. 

Afterwards, the result for the RT-PCR home test is sent via email within 24 to 36 hours. For the Rapid Antigen home test, the result is sent via email between 15 and 30

minutes after the testing schedule.

Catapia noted that the average processing time of an RT-PCR test takes 6 to 8 hours, the result, however, is sent only after one day as the collection and transportation of samples has to be factored in.

Online Shop

Since Kairos digitized their processes through Dashlabs.ai, every stage before, and after a customer gets their swab test done, can all be conveniently done online. 

One of the features of Dashlab.ai is its Online Shop, which enables customers to book and schedule their tests online. The shop generates a code that helps in the tracking of the status of the test results. 

As the processes are streamlined, people no longer need to go to a testing site in-person just to book an appointment, pay for their test, or to follow up on their test results. 


According to a poll conducted last year, most people are reluctant to visit hospitals for fear of contracting COVID-19. Dr. Bu Castro, former president of the Philippine Medical Association, noted that almost half of his patients are avoiding going to hospitals. 

This fear is even exacerbated by varying degrees of inconvenience that patients have to endure. A quick COVID-19 test that only takes seconds makes people wait for hours.  These reasons prevent people from fully accessing quality healthcare, as the world braces for the new normal. 

In going digital, however, Kairos guarantees that the customers’ safety is its absolute priority.  Its system enabling contactless booking and cashless payment keeps people safe from the risk of getting exposed to the virus.  Customers no longer need to endure long queues  to book an appointment, get tested and receive their results. 

Similarly, stringent health protocols are being observed all throughout the process. Customers are guided in every step of the process. They can easily track the status of their test, and its release date. 

To quickly respond to inquiries and provide assistance, Dashlabs.ai has a 24/7 customer support system.  “Dashlabs.ai is very responsive. It can adapt to a 24/7 customer support system,” Catapia said.

Partnering with Dashlabs.ai for 10 months now, Kairos Diagnostic Laboratory continues to trust and believe in the progress and digital innovation that Dashlabs.ai can offer.  Dashlabs.ai, together with Kairos and other companies growing and thriving in the post-COVID-19 world, is helping ensure the country is transitioning well to a new and better normal. 

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