Accelerating access to
quality healthcare

We provide the world's first DIY lab software with a focus on emerging markets.
We have connected with 12 laboratory networks, reached roughly 5 million patients in 2021, and counting.

Our Story

Our journey began the day after the first Enhanced Community Quarantine took effect in Metro Manila. A group of friends linked by their high school teacher came up with the idea of consolidating relevant and reliable information on all things COVID-19 in one Dashboard. From then on, Dashboard Philippines was founded, to create dashboards and systems, with the intent of helping the Filipino public make well-informed decisions, including those focused in healthcare such as diagnostics, in the midst of uncertainty brought by the global pandemic, and post-pandemic.

In its infancy, the team closely collaborated with the government to develop Laging Handa, a unified COVID-19 dashboard.With the team’s support, the government’s dashboard plotted the spread of the virus across time in the country with Google Maps.

The team partnered with the Philippine Red Cross in digitizing the country’s patient collection form, building the groundwork for the best COVID-19 Laboratory Information System in the Philippines. Furthermore, our system was used to digitize NAIA and Clark Airport, which allowed these airports to process a flight of 250 patients from a ghastly eight (8) hour process to only one (1) hour, among others.

With all these milestones, the team got into the Winter 21 batch of the prestigious startup accelerator Y Combinator. The founders then officially established as an end-to-end DIY lab software company with the aspiration of accelerating access to quality healthcare — one lab at a time. 

Aligned with United Nations SDGs

Ensure healthy lives and well-being for all ages

Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization,  and foster innovation

Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable through our integrated laboratory information systems

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Geared towards Philippine vision, AmBisyon Natin 2040 supports the Philippines in ensuring that the country’s collective long-term vision and aspirations for the next 25 years, known as AmBisyon Natin 2040, becomes a reality. The company shares the same vision: to spur Filipinos’ access to affordable and quality healthcare.

Meet the Team! is a dynamic team of industry experts who see opportunities in challenges and offer innovative solutions that improve and save lives.

Giles Joshua Go

Client Research and Acquisition

"It has only been a month or so since i started working here in as a full-time sales employee. I was a bit shocked with the culture at first, because I had some bad experiences with other companies that I have previously worked with. In, I was able to expand my horizons in such a short period of time! I get to engage with other departments, and it felt more fulfilling than what I had experienced thus far. For those who want to apply in sales in the future, I'm excited to meet you guys!"

Francis Langit

Relationship Management Intern

"What sets's internship apart is the company's broad openness to collaboration. Despite holding a business-related position, I've found myself, on multiple occasions, with the ability to easily touch base with almost any member of organization. Whether they be from engineering, user experience, or client success, I can well attest to their sincere responsiveness and their drive to push forward high-growth initiatives for the company. As my time here continues to lengthen, I can well see more opportunities for such connections and sincerely look forward to all of them soon."

Keiko Lu

Client Success Intern

"I continue to work in because not only am I learning so much from doing the work, but I also truly enjoy the environment I’m in. There are always many people who are open to helping me when issues arise, and are fun and easy to talk to as well. I have made some really solid friendships here and have learned life lessons and advice from them too. Every week in is exciting because there always is something new to do or learn. Additionally, I am thankful for the heads and HR team who I feel genuinely care about us. I will forever be grateful for the experiences and the people I’ve met in this company."

Combined Team Experience

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